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Freelance graphic designer working and living in Oslo.

2012–2015 Westerdals Oslo ACT, BA in graphic design.
Resumé (in Norwegian)


january 2016

a small book of 44 pages about fillers from 31 languages with translations and descriptions of the word usage. part of ongoing project about language.

filler1 filler_1 filler_2 filler_4 filler_5 filler_6


january 2016

postcard (part of ongoing project about language).



march–may 2015

funnet: is a series of books with content found on the internet.
three books were made; a book about online comments on articles about feminism on Norway's biggest online newspaper, a book about strange facts, and a book about reported UFO sightings.

funnet_1 funnet_2 funnet_3 funnet_4 funnet_5 funnet_6 funnet_7 funnet_8


september–october 2014

photo project about small houses of Oslo.

oslo_1 oslo_2 oslo_3 oslo_4